Artificial Grass Installers in Hertfordshire

At Artificial Lawns Hertfordshire, we will make the process as easy as possible for you. They will visit your home and go through the entire installation process with you before they start. Once you are up to speed, they will schedule a time when they can come out and install the artificial turf in Hertfordshire at your convenience. Below, we will give you a quick overview of how our experts will be able to replace your lawn for you. The process of installation of artificial grass in Hertfordshire is simple. The first step will be to prepare the area. This includes removing any existing grass and leveling the surface. The ground should be prepared and flattened so that the turf can be laid out evenly without any lumps or protrusions sticking out from it. Using our specialist equipment, our team will be able to prepare the area so that it is just right for the fake grass to be installed.

Artificial Grass in Hertfordshire

Artificial Lawns and Grass Installation

Once the area is prepped and ready, we will lay a membrane down which will prevent any weeds from growing through the turf. This membrane will help keep your lawn looking flawless and weed free. After the membrane has been placed, we will cover it with a layer of sand and stone. We will taper the top layer of sand down so it is completely flat and provides a solid surface for walking across. This mixture will be firm enough to match the same resilience that natural grass gives. Once our professional installers have ensured that the surface is perfectly leveled, we will apply a layer of cushioning which is designed to absorb some of the impact from your steps as you walk across it. This will provide a softer surface that will be more pleasant to walk on.

Finally, the artificial grass will be installed as the top layer. Our team will trim the fake grass so it fits perfectly within the designated area. We will be able to accommodate any area and edging no matter how sharp or curvy it is. We have specialized tools and experienced staff who are trained to be able to accommodate any situation. The stunning fake grass will be placed tightly against the edges in each direction. This prevents the turf from moving and creating gaps years down the road. Once our experts are finished, you will be left with the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood. Our clients love the fake grass for their home decor that we have been installing. They are constantly receiving compliments on their new lawns and once we complete an installation, it is common for us to hear from other neighbors looking to get the same artificial lawn installed.

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